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Monthly Archives: November 2015

God has blessed this Dallas clock repair business and its employees with many years, and as many opportunities to serve. We at Promenade Clocks and Gifts are all committed to giving service that excels. Also, we are committed to quality. Quality of merchandise sold, watch and clock repair done, and of customer care. Our commitments to quality and integrity have led to years of customer loyalty and an excellent reputation. A large part of our business comes from repeat customers and customer referrals. Those that are visiting or calling for the first time will uncover the clock repair and gift shop that they have been searching for many years to find. Some of our clients are the children and grandchildren of our other clients.

The Promenade Clock Repair and gift shop affords our family with many a pleasure, from smiling faces to the many thanks our customers offer us. Whether we are repairing a treasured family heirloom, or delivering a brand new grandfather clock, our customer’s appreciation makes our work much more worthwhile. An excellent job is much easier to do, when the work is so enjoyable. We hope to continue on in this fashion for many years and with the grace of God, this seems entirely possible. We look forward to any opportunity to serve those who are looking for quality. Quality clock service, Quality grandfather clock repair, and always Quality Care. Visit