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There are many appliances used at home to perform different roles. Stove is one of the most important appliance that every home should properly maintain, and in case it requires repair, you should only use reputable company. Not all repair company are created equal, so before surrendering your stove to a repairman, follow this checklist to choosing top companies for Stove repair in your area.

License and insured.

A reputable stove appliance repair company should be fully licensed with a state license for operating appliance repairing. This will ensure that the company is committed to uphold professionalism, quality workmanship and timely services.

The company should be insured with proper compensation programs. This covers the damage or loss of any appliance. If the company is not licensed and insured, you may be liable to pay cost of any claim that you will make in future. The license should be valid and insurance current.

Always hire a company that is licensed and insured.


Professionalism and experience.

You should never assume that any repairer can fix all types of appliances. A refrigerator repairing technician may not be versed with nuisances of repairing stove. It is good to inform the company the type of appliance that needs repair.

Inform them of the brand or model of your appliance. Sometimes the repair company may not have the spare parts for the model you own.

Don’t hesitate to ask the years they have been in appliance repair business, the training of their technicians and success rate- the number of appliances they have successfully fixed over the total number they have handled. Always book a company whose techs have undergone relevant appliance repair training.



Top companies for Stove repair offers warranty on their work. When looking for appliance Repair Company, remember to ask about the warranty they offer- a company with good warranty is a sign that they stand behind the quality of their work.



Check customer’s reviews.

If a stove repair company has been operating for years but has no positive customer’s reviews, you should be very cautious when dealing with such company. Chances are they have poor services delivery and do not hold professionalism. This could be among other reasons they lack positive customer reviews on their work.

Before hiring any appliance repair company, take a breath and go through customer reviews.



Emergency needs require immediate action. Stove, refrigerator, oven, dishwasher among other home appliances are very important, and may require immediate repair. The time a repair company takes to respond to a distress call is very important. Some companies may delay or make fake promises which may compromise your safety. Remember, electrical appliances are very dangerous and may cause loss of life and property if not repaired in time.



At times cheap offer can be the most expensive offer. Before deciding on the company you will use, you should check the rate they charge for whatever service they provide. Comparing prices from one firm to another allows you to know the firm that offers services at a better charges.

Good prices are not always a guarantee to work with a certain company. Check the quality of work offered, the warranty, if they are licensed and insured. In nutshell, charges should never compromise the quality of service provided.

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