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Whether you want to get rid of an old bad habit or change your present circumstance; it is by no means too late to change your life. If you are serious about a life change and are willing to take the necessary steps, you can still have the life you’ve always wished for.

Have you ever inquired, “What if …”
” What if” I pursued my artistic passion …
” What if” I went to school and obtained the diploma I really wanted …
” What if” I never allow dread of downfall stop me …
” What if” I did not pay attention to my parents, pals …
” What if” I opened that local business …

It is by no means too late to Change Your Life! My wife used to announce, “It is much better to be over the hill than under it.” Don’t ever be scared of change, it’s the only constant there has ever been. Embrace it.


The average life span is more than it has ever been. If you are hoping to make your trademark of achievement on the world, there is no moment like today. The baby boomer age is still the biggest population group in America maintaining an extensive bulk of abundance, experience and hands on know-how. You come with a load of information and wisdom to impart.

Take a class – There are Community Colleges and Continuing Education courses on universities and on the internet. The more you exercise your brain, the more lithe it will remain to be.

Give a seminar – You have life seasonings that are really worth imparting. Your life trainings are indispensable to many.

Create a blog site – You will not require a publishing company to have a literary audience. Oral practices have been swapped with ‘blogging’ – equal design, different medium!

Be a counselor – there is a young person or young adult in the neighborhood who really needs you. You help make a substantial difference!

You might have made errors, nevertheless you have learned from them and you see what to do now. Get to it!

Change your life and at the same time, you will alter a lot of other people’s lives as well!

If You Change Your Thoughts Your Life Will Follow

Your ideas are magnetic, offering you the reality you presume, sense and communicate. I realize it sounds silly, and yet it is bona fide. We have loads of images running through our heads every day. The predominant ones, the ones we think about regularly and with fervor – good OR bad, are the ones that commonly are visible somehow.

If you seriously desire a better experience than the one you are possessing; Change your thoughts, improve your life.

Change your words

As a youngster we are instructed that “words do not impair you” Well, clearly words can inflict tremendous psychological abuse. Specifically negative self-talk which is recited over and over. Ponder on it, much of the things we point out to ourselves we would NEVER say to an associate or even out loud, for that matter. Use the proverb, “Think before you speak” to your personal dialogue. I challenge you to change your thoughts, transform your life with this one technique.


Forgiveness needs to be demonstrated as a college program. I think so many physical afflictions would be eliminated and prescription drug companies would fail in business if we could just forgive others and OURSELVES! You will never make anyone as much as you suffer by not forgiving.

No “element” can offer you bliss

The principle that getting more stuff will make you better-off is the deception that everybody knows is a myth but we elect to discount it. We purchase what we don’t need and hurl it out to help make room for more stuff we don’t need.

Occupy the here and now

Regardless of whether it is disappointment for the mistakes of your days gone by or worrying about what lies ahead; it is beyond your control. Forgive your past and enable the future, or five minutes from now, come as it will. Be the most amazing individual you can be and you will be great.

Your thoughts are incredibly commanding. Think about it, your assessments have carried you where you are today! If you really don’t dig where you are now, change your thoughts; restyle your life!

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